Infertility And Its Causes

Infertility is a condition affecting the human’s reproductive system leading to an inability to conceive or to fertilize the ovum hence leading to inability to be pregnant. This situation can either affect the male or female partner, on the male side it is known as male infertility, and in the female, it is called female infertility. There are many causes of this either genetically, environmental and also some chemicals can cause it too. Here are more of the things to know about this situation

What causes infertility?

There are many causes of infertility, let’s consider this some of them

Womb and Fallopian tubes

The fallopian tubes are the tubes where the ovum moves from the ovaries to the womb; the ovum gfallopian tubesets fertilized as it gets moving from the ovary to the womb if the tubes have the problems it will not allow the sperm to penetrate through or the ovary to get to the womb where implantation takes place. In case the egg get fertilized, and the womb is not able to support the implantation again pregnancy will not happen.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

This is a situation that affects women of the reproduction age as it causes hormonal imbalances and the formation of polycystic crystals around the ovaries. It causes problems with the periods leading to problems when getting pregnant. If it is not recognized earlier, it can lead to a serious complication of diabetes and heart diseases if not treated in time.

Abnormal Sperm Count, Shape, Motility

Low sperm count is affectiSpermng many in the society as they produce low sperms which are not able to reach the ovum to fertilize it. Poor sperm quality is another as the sperms produced are not quality enough to fertilize the egg. This is caused by the use of substance and foods with chemicals which reduce the libido of the body and the rate of sperm production. More than 40 percent of a man’s sperm have to be active swimmers for a good chance at fertility.


This is a situation whereby unwanted tissues grow inside the uterus which leads to problems in implantation hence difficulties for pregnancy to take place in the woman’s womb

All these diseases if recognized earlier they can be treated to avoid this complication in the future of a person’s lifetime